Mark Schoeberl


Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmospheric Dynamics

Numerical Modeling



1970 - B.S. - Iowa State University (Physics)

1972 - M.S. - University of Illinois (Physics)

1976 - Ph.D. - University of Illinois (Physics)


Chief Scientist

Science and Technology Corporation



1976 - 1977 Staff Scientist, Science Applications,

Inc., McLean, Virginia


1977 - 1983 Naval Research Lab., Washington, D.C.

1983 - 2009 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



American Geophysical Union

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Meteorological Society




1978 NRL Publication Award
1986 NASA Laboratory for Atmospheres Technical Achievement Award
1988, 1989, 1991, 1994,1995, 1998, 2000,2004, 2005 NASA Group Achievement Awards
1991 NASA Outstanding Scientific Achievement Medal
1995 Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
1995 Elected Goddard Senior Fellow
1995 Elected Fellow of the American Meteorological Society
1996 President-elect of Atmospheric Sciences Section, American Geophysical Union
1996 Charney Lecture, 1996 Spring AGU Meeting
1996 NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
1996 NASA Certificate of Recognition for Technological Contributions
1997 Elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science
1998 William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Sciences
2000 Goddard Space Flight Center Excellence Outreach Award
2000 NASA Distinguished Service Medal
2002 William T. Pecora Award (UARS Team)
2003 ISI Highly Cited Researcher
2004-5 Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer for the American Meteorological Society
2005 Davenport Central High School Hall of Fame

2009 Retired from NASA

2010 Chief Scientist for Science and Technology Corporation

Principal or co-author of 238 publications, Hirsch Index 50, Total citations: 8474 (Sept. 2015; according to Web of Science))

Patent:   The iPhotometer, Patent #9188523


1)  Adjunct Professor, Florida State University, 1980-1982 (Supervised Ph.D. Student)

2)  Chairman of AMS Committee on the Middle Atmosphere, 1986-1987

3)  Chairman of the Fifth Conference on the Meteorology of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere,1985

4)  Chairman of the Sixth Conference on  the Meteorology of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere,


5)  Associate Editor of Geophysical Research Letters 1986-1988

6)  Guest Editor of Geophysical Res. Lett., Antarctic Ozone Depletion Issue (1986)

7)  Associate Editor of Journal of Geophysical Research (1989-1997)

8)  Principal Investigator for Antarctic and Arctic Airborne Ozone Expeditions (AASE, AASE II)

9)  Principal Investigator for EOS Interdisciplinary Investigation

10) CoInvestigator for Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite

11) CoInvestigator for Earth Probes, ADEOS TOMS

12) CoInvestigator Raman Lidar Instrument

13) Chairman of EOS Atmospheres Panel (1990-1992)

14) AGU Publication Committee 1990-1993

15) Head, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (May 1991 - May 1995)

16) EOS CHEM (later EOS Aura) Project Scientist (1993 - 1994)

17) Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite Project Scientist (1993-1999)

18) Tropical Ozone Transport Experiment/ Vortex Ozone Transport Experiment (TOTE/VOTE) Co-Project Scientist (November 1995 - February 1996)

19) Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan, 1996

20) Member of the "Board of Atmospheric Science and Climate" for the National Academy of Science (1998-2000)

21) Sage III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE) DC-8 Co-Project Scientist, 1999-2000

22) EOS Aura Project Scientist (1999 - present)

23) Chairman of AGU Web Page Committee 2000- 2002

24) Earth Sciences Directorate Chief Scientist (2001- present)

25) SOLVE II Co-Project Scientist (2002-2003)

26) NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Visiting Committee member

27) PAVE Co-Project Scientist

  1. 28)Member of the NAS Decadal Study Committee